Build Your Own Urban Jungle – Indoor Plant Tips for Beginners, Collectors, and Pet Owners

March 23, 2022 by University District

If you don’t have an outdoor space, or you live somewhere like Calgary that has a cooler climate most of the year, you still have the option of creating an urban jungle. Indoor plants have become increasingly popular as a hobby and interior design trend, and for good reason. Caring for plants has shown to support mental health, they purify the air around them, and (if you can keep them alive) they add a unique design element to any room. 

Don’t be intimidated if you’re new to the plant game – we have some helpful tips and tricks for beginners, pet owners, and the more established collectors, plus some 2022 Plant Trends from the experts at Plantation Garden Centre.

Indoor Plants for Beginners

It’s never too late to gain a green thumb! There are lots of plants that are easy to care for, and thrive in any space. Here are our top picks:

  • Pothos(Epipremnum aureum)
    • This trailing plant can be hung from the ceiling, placed on high shelves, or trained to grow along banisters. It grows quickly and can be easily propagated by cutting off the end of a vine and placing it in water to root.
  • ZZ plant (Zanzibar Gem)
    • This tall, waxy plant can grow in dark spaces. It needs a small amount of water every 1-2 weeks, so you can forget about it for a while and not worry!
  • Rubber fig (Ficus elastica)
    • This fig plant has large shiny leaves and can grow very large. Lower light will turn the leaves green, and brighter light will turn them purple. Make sure to wipe the dust off the leaves every couple months to keep it looking healthy.

These plants are happy to be watered weekly, so you can put a reminder in your calendar. Make sure they have lots of drainage (either a hole in the bottom of the pot with a tray underneath, or an inch of pebbles at the bottom to collect the water). They can grow in low light (perfect for North-facing spaces), and will also thrive in bright natural light.

Indoor Plants for Pet Owners


There are many plants that can be poisonous to animals if ingested, or physically dangerous to playful pets (we’re looking at you, cacti!). Luckily, there is also a long list of plants that can peacefully coexist in your space with your furry family. These are some of our favourites:

  • Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)
    • This plant grows big and lush. Make sure you mist it daily to protect it from Calgary’s dry climate, and ensure the soil stays damp.
  • Prayer Plant – Maranta leuconeura
    • This smaller plant has beautifully detailed leaves that curl up at nighttime. It’s a perfect addition to a bookshelf or desk for a splash of colour.
  • Spider Plant – Chlorophytum comosum
    • This grass-like plant thrives in bright sun, and produces tons of baby spider plants that can be propagated to grow new plants.

 Indoor Plants for Collectors

If you joined the indoor-plant trend a while back then you probably have a great collection filling your space. Here are a few ways you can continue to maintain your urban jungle. 

  • Build a propagation station
    • Fill a shelf or window sill with small bottles to hold cuttings from your plants. Once they’re rooted you can pot them in dirt and add them to your plant collection, sell them, or gift them. Or our favourite – a plant exchange with friends!
  • Refresh your pots
    • Check out thrift shops and local boutiques for new pots to house your plants. Consider a pot-swap with your friends for a cost-free option.
  • Do some spring cleaning
    • Give your plants a “deep clean” to keep them happy and healthy. Re-pot them with fresh dirt, wipe down the leaves, trim any old leaves or branches off, and feed them with some fertilizer.  

Plant Trends to Look For in 2022 

We asked the plant experts at Plantation Garden Centre what indoor plant trends people might adopt this year, and this is what they shared.

  • Easy to Care For Plants
      • As people start to head back to the office and spend less time at home, plants that are easy to care for are continuing to grow in popularity. There are lots of plants that thrive indoors with very little maintenance, like snake plants, ZZ plants, and succulents.
  • Colourful and Flowering Plants
      • Plants with blooms can add a nice pop of color to indoor spaces, especially during the winter months. Check out crotons, orchids, and birds of paradise for some brighter options.
  • Large Plants
      • Big plants add a unique design element, and are a great addition to interior spaces. Popular choices include fiddle leaf plants, monsteras, and palms, all of which can grow sky high with proper care!

If you have questions about plant care, or want some help choosing the perfect plant for your urban jungle, make sure to stop by Plantation Garden Centre not too far from U/D.


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