Carpets and Curtains, Rugs and Rollerblinds!

March 21, 2021 by University District

It’s Spring and U/D explores fresh decor ideas.


Often overlooked are the ways that floor coverings and window dressings can bring your style together in practical and pleasing ways.


Let’s consider the key factors — for floor and window coverings — of purpose, style, and maintenance. Making sure your home functions well is a factor in floor and window coverings. Plus, we dive into some ideas for where to shop and who to turn to when maintenance — like rug cleaning or blinds repair — is due!



Unifying Elements of Decor


Beyond paint schemes and art, nothing can tie a place together like great floor and window coverings. And, like choosing any element of home decor, finding the right floor and window dressings means determining answers to key questions about purpose, style, and maintenance. This is how to bring it all together.


Whether thinking about windows, floors or both, the first step is to give thought to these three key questions. Do you want:

  • colourful or neutral?
  • quick-cheap-and-cheerful or lifelong investment pieces?
  • hard-wearing or fine quality or both?


Once you determine these answers you are set to start honing in on the floor and window decor layers that will truly unify your space. Tying in accent colours makes great sense for carpets — whether wall to wall or area rugs. A gentle hue of blue from a favourite painting carried into a rug brings harmony and flow.


A richly textured drape — think cotton velvet or sheer shimmering silk — can add character and sophistication to a bedroom or main living area. And if you like to play gypsy with your decor, you may want to explore trendy, affordable options for a fun, shaggy area rug to bring your space a fresh look and feel versus investing in an heirloom Persian hand knotted wool statement carpet. Or vice-versa! How realistic is it for you to tend to spills that stain delicate fibres? Are you prepared to invest in maintaining prized pieces or is high-wear and low maintenance more your style?


These important choices are all yours. So take time — over a cup of tea, tray of takeout or glass of vino — to ponder your picks. This will set you up for shopping success.


From the floor up!


The options for flooring are so plentiful! First, let’s dive into top trends for carpets and rugs.


1. Animal prints, bold patterns and stripes are all the rage. These strong-upbeat style statements steal the scene from pastels and monochrome monotony. Keep in mind a little goes a long way when introducing this type of decor element. So rather than wall-to-wall, try a hallway runner or statement carpet for the foot or your bed or under your coffee table, nicely scaled.


2. Natural fibres and eco-fabrics for the win! Nothing complements wood or wood-looking tiles or vinyl floors like warm and sturdy sisals or wool carpets. These are more timeless than trendy, but a safe lasting bet.


3. Soil-proof! You may not be planning to bring a puppy home now, but once you meet some of our much-loved U/D dogs, your mind may change. Perhaps you have kids, or love to spend time outdoors. Even cooking can take a toll on carpets. Being aware of the world of options and warranties that can cover wear and tear is a definite must on your buying checklist.



When sizing your rugs, make sure you know how much space you have and what furniture will be in the room. Living room rugs generally work well in one of three configurations, depending on your space:


  • All furniture legs on the rug – perfect if you have an open-area or floating living room with nothing against the walls. This method requires a large rug, so it can extend past your seating areas.
  • Only front furniture legs on the wall – this is great if you have one or two walls your couch, chairs or entertainment unit sit against.
  • No furniture on the rug (save for the coffee table in the centre) – for those in small spaces, a rug as the focal point will make the room feel much bigger!
  • When it comes to dining rooms, always have all furniture legs on the rug with room for chairs to move backwards – it’s about safety as much as style!
  • Bedrooms follow a guide similar to living rooms – the bed and nightstands on the rug, only two-thirds on the rug, or opt for two small rugs on either side of the bed for flexibility. No matter what you choose, make sure you have room to move around the room without tripping over your new floor decor!


    Statement pieces, carefully sized for the chosen room, crafted to withstand high traffic should be the guide for choosing your carpets and rugs. From there, explore colour options, patterns and textures that will complement your favourite/keeper pieces of furniture and paint and wall coverings.


    Windows and Your World


    Calgary’s light-til-late summer nights and frosty winters offer clues to choosing window coverings. Popular picks for U/D residents include:


  • insulated black-out curtains for bedrooms to help bring all the benefits of a good night’s sleep.
  • classic Venetian blinds with textured inserts in complementing colours for your indoor scheme
  • a combination of blinds and sheers for a tasteful and timeless way to soften indoor decor schemes and bring both natural light and privacy when the occasion calls.

    However you choose to dress your windows, keep in mind that they are an investment that should stand the test of time. This is a smart place to play with neutrals and textures or a range of whites rather than bold colours which date easily and may present a hesitation for future buyers.


    Feeling fancy? Many of the new window coverings — drapes and blinds — are automated and can be opened or closed with the touch of a button or a verbal command to a home electronics system.


    Layering window coverings is also a popular way to decorate — pull down black out shades with a low profile can be a discrete first layer, softened by drapery on rods for fun personalization and easy installation.


    Similar to rugs, sizing window dressings can be confusing! The best rule of thumb is to choose drapes that are two to two-and-a-half times the width of the windows from side to side – you can do up to three times with sheer curtains to stack them – for perfect framing. When it comes to length, make your decision based on ceiling height and personal preference; higher ceilings allow you to raise the curtain rod, using the space to its full potential. When in doubt, always go for floor length.


    TIP: It’s smart to focus first on your main living and dining areas and halls, but also consider high traffic areas like entries — from the outside and patios — as well as washable comfort rugs for the kitchen and bath as nice elements.


    Pride of Place


    One of our favourite quotes is by Frances Clark who said: “There wouldn’t be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one.” This is so true when it comes to reckoning with the myriad choices for your home style. So, once you do tap into what you love in carpets and window dressing — treat it well!


    There are excellent options for you to acquire and use cleaning products or fine local companies that can take care of your carpets and ensure they live their best life! Whatever your pick for a rug — flokati to animal hide — be sure to maintain it on the daily, monthly and yearly basis. Catch drips and dribbles as they happen. Give them a thorough vacuum or beating once at least once a month and every year, consider an expert touch.


    As for window coverings, the same holds true. From regular dusting of blinds to professional dry cleaning or laundering to tune ups of their mechanical elements — cords and rods — will give them staying power!


    Your Decor


    Are you interested in sharing your new carpet or wall covering decor successes? We are eager to learn and share! Follow and tag us on social media and we can bounce ideas as a community, showcasing our individual style wows and hows!

    Decorating your home is all about personality … yours! <target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> It’s time to display your memorable life moments and keepsakes! Check out University District’s blog post about how to bring your place to life, like none other.

    Spring is about fresh starts and outlooks, rebirth and … re-decorating! Maybe it’s time to consider floor and window coverings for a fresh look at home. From colour palettes, textures, essentials and accessories, decorating and maintaining a home may be as daunting as it is fun. Especially when your home is new and calling for your personal panache.Share your thoughts about spring decor by with the University District community online. We’re on Facebook, @udistrictyyc_ on Instagram and Twitter, too!

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