We remain committed to the health and safety of our community and our Discovery Centre continues to follow all necessary guidelines.

Recipes at your Fingertips Make Entertaining a Snap.


If we’ve ever needed a reason to celebrate the new year, this might be it!


2022 has a great ring to it and is just around the corner. If the thought of a new calendar year has you thinking about a celebratory gathering, we have some ideas for entertaining including some excellent recipes for food and drink! 


Our inspiration comes from the design ideas of a local talent who shared some thoughts on our blog, and took to our Discovery Centre and transformed table settings into enchanting and enticing festive decor! Calgary designer extraordinaire Aly Velji’s holiday tablescapes on display at our Discovery Centre until Dec. 19 were our inspiration for entertaining themes that can carry us into New Year good times.



University District was delighted to welcome interior designer Aly Velji  to share some beautiful holiday entertaining decor ideas with our community. Enjoy the story we wrote about his inspiration and tips here.  However you choose to entertain, we hope you take the time this year to invite a few people to gather or make family time extra special with great food and drink! 


Let’s table-hop together to see what suits your mood!


Pick a theme. Fashion an invitation list. And fix up some yummy goodies to wow your guests. 



Rustic Chic, Perfect for Vegetarians!


For a rustic-chic tablescape, Aly gave a nod to warm wood tones with buffalo check. He elevated the setting with hits of black and of course a little sparkle. In keeping with this theme, we turned to our local Middle Eastern fast-serve and wholesome Osmow’s for a healthy, natural Fattoush salad recipe! At Osmow’s, Fattoush salad is the perfect compliment to its signature dishes. Follow the below instructions for how to recreate this recipe at home and be sure to pair with one of their vegetarian options such as Beyond Meat™ shawarma or falafel topped with their signature Light & Vegan Garlic Sauce!


2 loaves pita bread
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt
2 teaspoon sumac, divided, more as needed
1 heart of Romaine lettuce, chopped
1 English cucumber, cut in half, seeds scraped, then chopped or sliced into half moons
5 tomatoes, chopped
5 green onions (both white and green parts), chopped
1 cup chopped fresh mint leaves (optional)
Juice of 1 lemon or 1 ½ limes
⅓ cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon sumac (lemon zest is a fine alternative)
Scant ¼ teaspoon ground allspice

Break the pita bread into small bite-size pieces. Heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a large pan until shimmering, and add the pita bread. Fry briefly until browned, tossing frequently. Using a pair of tongs, transfer the fried pita chips to a plate lined with a paper towel to drain. Season with salt, pepper and sumac. Alternative is to bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes. In a large mixing bowl, combine the chopped lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, green onions & mint leaves (optional). To make the dressing, in a small bowl, whisk together the lemon or lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and allspice. Pour on and toss lightly. Finally, add the pita chips, and more sumac if you like, and toss one more time. Transfer to small serving bowls or plates. Enjoy!


We love the notion of Moroccan Mint Tea with ingredients from Save-On -Foods!

Other suggestions that fit this theme include grilled veggie skewers, an exotic cheese plate and how about a rustic apple crumble and custard for dessert!?


Where to go for a late afternoon New Year’s Eve walk before your meal?  Down by the river of course!  Bundle up and enjoy some fresh air in nature at Bowness Park, just minutes from University District! 



Timeless Elegance


Say “don’t mind if I do!” to fine food and bubbly this New Year’s Eve. We took our cues from Aly’s soft winter whites with organic elements like marble that made the table look universal. Adding elegance with gold tones and a natural element with dried florals kept it modern. This table setting calls for crudite, champagne and caviar! Here’s an easy and elegant way to serve hors d’oeuvres worthy of a fine bottle of  wine or bubbles and the company you are hosting. We love this simple yet slightly daring upscale recipe from Chef Michael Noble of the near-by-University District NOtaBLE Restaurant.


NOtaBLE’s Steak Tartare

½ tsp shallot ~ minced
1 tsp cornichon pickle ~ minced
¾ tsp Dijon mustard
½ tsp chive ~ minced
¼ tsp truffle puree or minced black truffle (available at specialty food stores)
3 ½ oz lean beef (striploin or tenderloin) ~ diced fine
Maldon salt ~ to taste
ground black pepper ~ to taste
1 organic brown egg yolk

1. In a chilled stainless steel mixing bowl combine the shallot, pickle, mustard, chive and truffle puree until well mixed.
2. Partially freeze then dice the beef, add to the previous mixture and combine well.
3. Season to taste with Maldon salt and ground black pepper.
4. Place in a serving bowl, create a small indent on top with a spoon.
5. Separate the egg yolk, taking care to discard the embryo part. Place the egg yolk in the indent.
6. Serve with potato chips or toasted bread crostini.

For a little more fancy insight, Market Wines University District manager Jeremy says when it comes to serving sparkles, “The most important thing is to know your group and what may be appropriate for the occasion.


“A good entry level price and get the party started wine would be a Lambrusco like the Solco del Emilia from Paltrenieri . This is a sparkling red wine with a bit of residual sugar and is super quaffable. Delicious on its own before a meal while cooking and catching up with friends and family or great for when you need something to sip on later in the evening.


“A good mid-level price point would be a Cremant from France. These are made in the same style as Champagne but because they are not from Champagne they don’t command the luxury prices. We really love our new Cremant de Loire wines from Arnauld Lambert. He has both a Chenin and Cabernet Franc Rose Cremant that are delicious on their own or great with almost any style of food. We especially love these with a cheese and charcuterie platter.


“For when you feel like celebrating there is often nothing better than a great bottle of champagne! There is actually a wide range of styles and flavor profiles with Champagne so we recommend coming in to talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members if it is a wine style you are not well versed in. A great way to go is a blanc de blanc, which means it is made with white grape varietals, our amazing wine Grand Cru wine from Suenen is a must try and super rare. A classic pairing would be freshly shucked oysters but this style will be great on its own or with most party food you will find over the holiday season.”

Cheers to that, Jeremy!


Graphic Statement in a DIY Diner.


When Aly chose to play up the colour component and create a gorgeous graphic statement with bold shapes and hues of pinks, we got nostalgic for diner fare! A throwback to the 80s, this look will be sure to create an impact. So will a gathering themed around a mini-diner vibe! Nothing says fun, fast and friendly when it comes to food like a Smothered Bacon Cheesy Hotdog! Recipe compliments of Save-On-Foods.




1 package Bun Sized Wieners
10 – 12 slices bacon, chopped and cooked crisp
10 Western Family hot dog buns, split
320g package Old Cheddar, shredded
Ketchup or BBQ sauce – optional


Heat oven to broil setting. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
Cook hot dogs per stove top directions.
Remove onto a plate lined with a paper towel.
Place buns split side up onto a prepared baking sheet.
Sprinkle a scant amount of cheese into each bun.
Place a hot dog over top.
Sprinkle remaining cheese over hot dogs and top with chopped bacon.
Place the baking sheet in the center rack of the oven and broil for 2 to 3 minutes. Cheese should be completely melted and bacon should be golden and crisp.
Serve immediately.



Pair these decadent dogs with air-fries, milkshakes, crisp iceberg salads and grilled cheese sammies! For drinks, how about an ice-cream float bar where guests can make their own spiked or sober concoctions. We love root beer and vanilla! What fun!


The holidays are about coming together … and what better way than over your favourite foods. Entertaining is made even better when you go all out with decor and music.  Playing host has never been easier thanks to Aly’s design ideas delightful drinks that are sure to refresh and impress!  Enjoy his earthy here — in case you missed the Discovery Centre display — and more ideas on our holiday decor interview!


Enjoying the snow in new (fluffy and fun) ways.



Yes, we proved it at Northwestival: the thrill of the chill is all ours at U/D!


The wonderful times shared at Northwestival just a few weeks ago did more than fill our social media feeds with marvellous memories. It was amazing to see so many people warming up to winter!


Our wondrous winter celebration filled our hearts with a renewed appreciation of winter joys.


We gathered around open fires and indulged in s’mores. We had our faces painted in icy blue hues with sparkles! We kept moving to keep warm … to the beats of live performers! What fun we had at our Warm Up to Winter community celebrations!


It’s amazing what good boots and a few extra layers can do to open doors to wintertime adventures unlike anywhere in Canada!


So close to home at U/D.


So — in the spirit of Northwestival — let’s keep the snowball rolling and find some fresh ways to play in the snow in and around U/D.









Did you know that Winsport is lit at night for after-daylight downhill!? Don your ski gear, grab your goggles and get in on the action. If skiing is not your thing, check out the Tube Park at Winsport, too, for more downhill fun and action.





Whoever likes a friendly snowball fight is going to LOVE some of the new ways to battle it out! There are snowball launchers that catapult your spheres farther than ever before possible. We love snowball shapers that mold snow into rubber duckie look-alikes, hearts and mini-snowmen! Or play it safe indoors with faux snowballs of soft felt. Perfect for a gentler pelt!





We love Confederation Park for a smooth, snowy glide down the hills! It’s one of the most popular places to toboggan in Calgary.







Did you know those big tired Fat Bikes that always turn heads as they bound by are available for rent at UCalgary Outdoor Centre?!




Speaking of rental bikes, once you’ve mastered the big wheels, bouncing down the trails, we strongly suggest a completely different biking vibe! If you have never tried an ice-bike, now is the time and Bowness Park is the place! They have rentals and it’s an ultimate winter good-time. Be sure to check out the 1.6 km skating trail around the park while you are there. 



TIP: Whatever you choose to do to embrace winter out of doors, pack snacks or even a picnic for wintery al fresco eats, treats and drinks! Did you know that Monogram Coffee has a ‘secret’ side room to warm up in apres-adventure? You can order one of their exclusive-to-University District coffee slushies here too!


When it comes to loving winter in new ways, the first step is to dress the part. Be sure to bundle up and remember to take care of your pets in winter too. 

Our Design Series covers green spaces at U/D.


If you are a fan of Mad Men, you may recall character Dan Draper’s famous line about design: “make it simple, but significant.”


When you look around our mindfully made community, we hope you agree that the design details matter and make an impact. No matter how simple, nuances bring U/D to life in significant ways.


As part of our new Design Series of blog posts, we take a closer look at the park spaces in University District that have been designed to foster community, wellbeing, play and a sense of nature!


U/D Director of Design Travis Oberg sheds some light on how much park spaces — and even seasonal greenery — matter and factored into the U/D planning.


Stay in the know about U/D design! Check out the first post in our Design Series for fun and fascinating details about how U/D considered design during its planning and development 




Let’s start with the parks!


“The sheer number of parks in University District is inspiring,” says Travis. “For walks, bikes, scoots or runs, there is a path for every calling. Benches to rest along the route and open spaces to detour for some downtime, exercise or weather-permitting picnics!


“We know our residents and visitors value how by-design our pathways thoughtfully connect to regional pathways for extra-long excursions, varied views and a feeling of one-ness with the greater Calgary community!


“There are countless ways to get connected to nature when you call University District home. Our plans include the North Pond, dog parks, Commons Parks, lookout parks, the South Pond and linear parks that connect everything together,” says Travis. “One of our community favourites has to be Central Commons Park which is now under construction and set to debut in fall 2022!”


FUN FACT: Did you and your dog know that a unique-by-design feature of our urban dog park is its artificial turf throughout? Beautification and maintenance go together here like a dog with a bone!





Water Features Add Finesse and Function


As part of a city that experiences often harsh climes come winter, University District design teams had to get strategic, creative and down to business when considering water features and function.


Rising to the challenges, the U/D team thoughtfully incorporated water elements by way of the spectacularly designed North and South Ponds. These ponds do more than look pretty, lure the ducks and beckon a selfie! They allow for responsible stormwater management.


Next time you are finding solace and urban reprieve, look a little closer and consider how these features add to the sustainable beauty of our park spaces throughout the year, every season!


All About Central Commons Park


At the heart of U/D, Central Commons Park brings plans for year-round cultural, social and recreational significance to life!


Central Commons Winter Skating Rink

A proud, three-acre oasis!

Any season and any reason, this signature destination welcomes all visitors to its central plaza surrounded with street-level retailers and nearby quaint cafes and a hub for community celebrations — formal and impromptu! The park will also feature a seasonal skating rink.

If you believe seasonal spins on the skate rink, swaying to the music during summer concerts, and meandering community markets make for a great time, you’ll know Central Commons Park is for you. Add to that outdoor fitness challenges, BBQ picnics and water fountains. You’ll soon see how enhanced a walk in the park can be!



TIPS: Parking is discreetly underground versus front-and-centre. Play areas for all ages are easily accessible just steps from our Retail Main Street. These design elements make getting around seamless, stress-free and natural feeling. Also, curious about lighting design and keeping dark skies? You’ll want to check our blog post here.



Planters Signal the Seasons


Also organic and adding to the effortless flow of U/D from parks to plazas, greenery unites the neighbourhood. Right plant, right place! Did you notice how our generous planters offer us a chance to swing with the seasons?! From evergreen boughs in Winter to sprays of tulips or crowds of daffodils in Spring, U/D gave lots of thought to these elevated planters that punctuate our community for visual interest and joy! Adding some pops of colour to the streets.




Love greenery and want to flex your green thumb come Spring? Check out our blog post about gardening at U/D  



Objectively Speaking



At U/D, we often give way to a fluid and organic method of development, where our builder partners are able to bring unique green spaces into their projects. Allowing them to run with ideas and bring a unique spark to their projects. Our goal? Give residents and visitors easy access to greenspaces throughout U/D!


The season of glitter, glow and giving is around the corner! We are more than a little curious about the styles, colours and ways we can best bring modern magic and a fresh mood to our holiday decor.

Who better to turn to for answers than local Calgary-based design aficionado Alykhan Velji.


You’ve likely seen him on national TV and in magazines touting “it” looks for everything from simple and impactful pillows and throws choices to full-blown, entire-home design and decorating projects.

In fact, University District has turned to him for a delightful Discovery Centre holiday makeover with a showcase of tablescapes that you can tour over the holidays!

“Think a little differently about your holiday table scape this year. With us being allowed to have smaller get togethers this year for the holidays, why not amp up your table scapes and be the star of your next dinner party!” says Aly.

  • Rustic Chic
    A nod to the rustic with warm wood tones, black and white buffalo check, and holiday greens. Elevated with hits of black and of course a little sparkle.
  • Timeless Elegance
    Soft winter whites with natural elements like marble make this look universal. Adding elegance with gold tones and a natural element with dried florals keeps it modern.
  • Graphic Statement
    Play up the colour component and create a gorgeous graphic statement with graphic shapes and hues of pinks. A throwback to the 80s, this look will be sure to create an impact.


While chatting, we were inspired to reconsider what home holiday decor could look like for our 2021 celebrations, as we gather around the dinner table for memorable feasts, the TV for the latest holiday movies or the tree to see what surprises loved ones have parcelled up for us as we watch their delight when opening our gifts of love and appreciation!

Q. Alykhan, might our go-to European nutcrackers and velveteen ribbons and bows on the hearth be starting to feel a little less joyful? Do you think it’s time to turn some heads in a fresh direction this holiday season with new splashes of colour, texture and tone?

A. Absolutely! That said, this continues to be a nostalgic time of  year for everyone. With that, we often unpack storage boxes of treasured favourites — from that cheeky little elf on the shelf to mischievous Norwegian gnomes or even childhood stockings and music boxes. We would never want to suggest there is a great reason to toss traditions. However, we love to keep decor current, fresh and exciting and evolving.

I find that holiday decor should be a mix of old and new. So throwing in those pieces you have had over the years or using decorations your kids have made adds such a personal and warm touch to holiday decor.

Let’s focus on freshness this year! It’s time for some renewed energy to spark a little extra seasonal sensory happiness this year.

Q.  We agree! It’s time to embrace change.  So, what are the 2021 “it” colours for holiday style in your expert opinion?

A. Well, we are moving away from those deep, rich holiday colours and moving towards a more subtle palette.

I call earth tones the definitive “it” colours for the holiday style this year. Think soft greens, creams, mid-tone woods, and lots of natural materials. The key for 2021 is to keep it natural and soft. You can of course still accent with brass and silver tones to play up the festive look.  And I also adore incorporating hits of black in my holiday decor.

I find that this will really help to ground the whole natural look and add some sophistication to an earthy palette.



So how best to bring nature indoors do you suggest?

A. Fresh holiday greens are also always on trend and I love to have these all over the house. They don’t necessarily have to be in the traditional form of a real tree. 

You can use Christmas greens and berries in vases throughout your home.

I also love wreaths accented with magnolia leaves and eucalyptus, this will leave your house looking and smelling delightful. Boughs of holiday greens in and around your home is also an affordable way of adding that organic holiday touch to any space.

Q. What other easy and affordable ideas do you have to incorporate holiday decor into your home?

A. I love to change up my holiday decor simply by using accessories.  Keep every-year decorations a little more neutral. This way you can accent with the on-trend holiday scheme by using smaller touches. This ensures that you are keeping it affordable and still chic. 

Q. What surprising twists do you have up your sleeve to delight homeowners and their visitors during this special winter reprieve?

A. I love the use of whimsical decor and accessories. This year, it is all about natural materials like marbles, onyx, rattan and light wood tones. Using luxe finishes and mixing those natural materials really creates something unexpected. It is all about textures and working with these throughout your home to create a consistent look.

Q. Where do you like to source decor goodies in NW YYC for your projects?

A. I love to hit up Homesense in Market Mall. I think it is a great one stop shop for the best holiday decor and accessories all while keeping it wallet friendly. You don’t want to break the bank when decorating.

Did you know that NW YYC is home to beehives? Read our blog post about honey in the neighbourhood, craft ideas and natural must-haves from every U/D kitchen cupboard over the holidays!

Q. Are there examples of locally made items people may want to consider?

A. Hitting up markets across Calgary is a great way of seeing what others are making for holiday decor. I also love going on Etsy and seeing what local makers are on there and ordering those one-of-a-kind objects or gifts for the holidays.

TIP: Be sure to come by the Discovery Centre November 19 to December 19 to see Alykhan Velji’s expert designs on display!


Join us Sunday December 5!

Warm up to winter by joining us at University District’s fourth annual outdoor festival on the afternoon of Sunday, December 5. We are delighted to be back and to connect as a community once again. Northwestival promises to be packed full of family friendly holiday surprises.

Thanks to the continued generous support of our sponsors Brookfield Residential, Homes by Avi, Truman, Save-On-Foods and other retail partners.  We are proudly supporting  local charity I Can for Kids through admission donations.

Watch the Northwestival video to bring back great memories and build anticipation for what’s to come!



What’s Happening?

It’s time to embrace the chillier season, pack your mittens, and brrrr-ing the whole family together to enjoy an enchanted afternoon of winter fun in the NW Commons Park. 

Gather around a lively fire pit while toasting s’mores, sip hot chocolate while soaking up the sounds of live music or create a chilly and silly keepsake by dressing up for our Frosty Memories photobooth. There’s fun for everyone at Northwestival. 

You can even cuddle a kangaroo!


Live music, dance and stage entertainment will run all afternoon, including returning favourites like the Ice Queen, the Fire Show, and a variety of new musical entertainers. Including our featured headliner
The Royal Foundry.

Be sure to visit the Northwest Pole, ice bench and interact with our roaming performers for a photo op. The kids can also get hands-on in the Winter Workshops, with Pinnovate DIY Studios, with  a choice of glitter ornaments, wooden gift tags or adorable gnomes.



Jane Bond BBQ food truck will be onsite with tasty options, and you can take the chill off with a stop by the hot drink and toppings station. Those with a sweet tooth will be sure to flock to Cabane à Sucre or Sugar Creek Kettle Corn Co.

For those looking to cross a few names off of their Christmas list Peak to Prairie Market will be onsite with a selection of local and small business vendors. Take a stroll through the market to discover unique gifts and goods for the holidays, or a festive treat to yourself. 

When curating talent for Northwestival, at University District we keep accessibility and universality top of mind. 

“Many families pass through this festival every year, so we always look for talent that can appeal to a wide range of lifestyles and age groups. We know this community wants fun, they want a holiday atmosphere, and they like to get moving and dance a little,”  says Maureen Henderson, VP Community Experience at University of Calgary Properties Group. 

Northwestival is a combination of free and token-based activities. Tokens can be purchased at the token booth for $1 and activities range from 1-5 tokens each. ATMs are available onsite.

To whip up good holiday vibes, here’s just some of what’s happening at Northwestival on Sunday, December 5th from 1-6 pm. 

Activities include:

  • Live music, dance and stage entertainment
  • Fire show
  • Roaming performers, including our ever popular Snow Queen. 
  • Winter workshops with Pinnovate DIY studios
  • Toasty fire pits and S’mores 
  • Frosty Memories Holiday Photobooth
  • Hot drink station with topping treats to delight
  • Cabane à Sucre – maple sugar taffy
  • Inflatable axe throwing 
  • Ice bench & Northwest pole – perfect for that family photo op!
  • Kangaroo cuddles, and so much more!

“For University District, the goal behind Northwestival is to celebrate community connection, and what better time to come together than the start of holiday season, ” says Maureen of University of Calgary Properties Group. “It’s somewhere for community to grow despite the cold and snow, and a fun way to spend an afternoon with family and friends wandering between energetic performances, warming up at fire pits, and taking part in hands-on activities. Admission is by donation to support I Can for Kids. We look forward to welcoming everyone to one of our favourite events!”

Visit the Northwestival web page for full details.


Our Charity Partner

Northwestival is proud to support local charity I Can for Kids. While peanut butter has been a staple and favourite item for admission in years prior, we have had to make a shift due to COVID-19. This year admission is by donation to support I Can for Kids in their mission to help feed children and youth impacted by hunger all year long. Donations allow I Can for Kids to support their grocery gift card program.

Our friends and neighbours from Save-On-Foods will generously match donations, so together let’s show our support for this mighty little organization.

“It’s time to take a fresh approach in how we tackle childhood hunger in Calgary. We’re on it, but we need the community’s help. More than 50,000 kids in our city are experiencing food insecurity every day. The pandemic combined with the holiday season is putting even more pressure on families struggling to make ends meet,” says Bobbi Turko, Co-founder & Executive Director at I Can for Kids.

Learn more about I Can for Kids and donate at icanforkids.ca.

OEB is Ready to Hatch!

Breakfast’s ready! U/D’s highly anticipated breakfast hot spot, OEB is bringing its sizzle to the community and is anticipating to open on the first week of December.

This welcome newcomer to NW Calgary’s culinary scene is known for its farm-to-table elevated breakfast eats, quirky interior concepts, and an uplifting dining experience like no other.

OEB is a homegrown success story.

After opening its first shop in 2009, OEB now has locations across Canada, including in downtown Calgary, Bridgeland and Mission, and has expanded into the US. 

Mauro Martina, Chef and Founder of OEB Breakfast Co. is a long time Northwest Calgary resident, whose love for great flavours and desire to elevate breakfast led him to establish OEB.

Believing breakfast should be bolstered by artistry and passion, OEB pushes the culinary boundaries of breakfast food to bring the best in quality and craftsmanship.

Photography by: Damon Luu “DAMONEATS”


What to Order from a Soul-Full Menu!

Inspired by the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, The OEB menu is purposeful, filled with items that simply can’t be made at home, balanced by lighter fare and vegan options.

“As OEB grows we continue to focus on sourcing ingredients from outstanding suppliers that understand crafting a dining experience is more than just eating tasty food,” says Chef Mauro.

“We want to create a connection with everything we bring in. From our butchers and egg farms to artisan bakers, OEB is unique in its offerings, and ensuring each ingredient is grown, sourced and treated with care is essential to our approach.”

All the eggs at OEB come from their own flax fed, free-run flock of hens that produce a large dark yolk, Omega-3 enriched egg, delivering a difference one can truly taste. All meats served are gluten-free, with sausages made using a proprietary recipe created in partnership with local butchers. Bread is artisan-made and 100% organic, made using Canadian grown and milled, GMO-free flour. 

OEB chooses to use duck fat in the cooking of non vegan options, as it is a more stable oil with a higher smoking point that provides health benefits and superior flavour. 

Menu highlights include Pierogies and Duck with hardwood smoked bacon, Butter Poached Lobster and Shrimp Crêpe with optional organic sturgeon caviar, and the Classic Breakfast offering a choice of blueberry chicken bangers, or maple pork bangers. ‘Meatless to Say’, ‘Holy Crab’, ‘Chasing Chickens’ and ‘The Notorious B.I.T.’ are just some of the other appetizing choices on OEB’s extensive menu. 

Cause for a toast? A full-service bar offers breakfast wine and bubbles, local draft beers, and brunch inspired cocktails.

See OEB’s mouth-watering menu.

Designed to Delight

Understanding that breakfast is the best place for honest, good connection, there is heart and integrity behind the quick, well-executed service at OEB. Patrons can immerse themselves in not only good food and conversation, but in a vibe that makes the humdrum everyday world feel far, far away. Employees take the initiative to get to know guests personally and look forward to welcoming the University District community to this breakfast joint like no other. 

Characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative and quirky, OEB is known for pushing design boundaries when creating interiors that are as functional as they are creative.

With its open concept kitchen, grand bar, industrial chic design and distinctive OEB flair, the University District location revels in opulence. A complex, custom metal centrepiece featuring chickens woven into a hidden Easter egg, covers thirty percent of the ceiling and seating area. At 2900 sq. ft, it seats 75 inside, with an enclosed, heated patio that seats 45 soon to follow. 

Chef Mauro says that he is particularly pleased that upon opening, OEB in the University District will debut several new inventive creations. 

“While we have been humbled to receive such an amazing welcome throughout all our openings over the past several years, Calgary is home, and it has us beyond excited to be opening in the city’s Northwest. We can’t wait to join the University District community and look forward to serving both returning guests and those that have not had the opportunity to enjoy our elevated brunch offerings just yet!” 

Tickets Please!


Cineplex VIP Cinemas, a new, theatre complex is opening November 17 right here in University District. VIP Cinemas is an 18+ movie-going experience, exclusive to Cineplex, where guests can relax in a licensed unique and luxurious setting.

Alberta’s first standalone VIP Cinemas and only the third in Canada — following locations in Ontario and British Columbia — Cineplex VIP Cinemas University District will feature a variety of enhanced movie-going experiences.

Movie night will never be the same!



Comfort and Convenience


Designed to be a more sophisticated viewing experience, Cineplex VIP Cinemas features five, spacious 60 to 90 seat auditoriums with comfortable reclining seats and in-seat premium food and alcohol service.

All theatres offer state-of-the-art laser projectors, delivering the highest image colour spectrum, brightness and contrast.

A licensed lounge is the place to kick back before and after the movie, offering a reinvention of the dinner-and-a-movie experience. You can unwind with friends while enjoying artisanal pizza or raise a glass on date night with handcrafted cocktails.

Patrons can also order drinks and meals from an expanded menu to be delivered directly to their seats using the Cineplex app. Get the Cineplex app for your iOS or Android device at Cineplex.com | Apps




Welcome and Opening


Cineplex is aware that the timing of the opening of their new VIP Cinemas will also be significant to the community of University District and beyond.

“We recognize the new appreciation our guests have for the theatrical experience and are thrilled to welcome Calgarians to our newest VIP Cinemas location, Cineplex VIP Cinemas University District,” says Executive Director of Alberta South Operations at Cineplex, Scott Whetham.

“As we continue to introduce new and refined entertainment choices to movie-lovers across Canada, it is the perfect place for guests to escape in a luxurious setting, while enjoying the big screen and big sound that we’ve all been missing for so long.”

In time for opening day, Cineplex invites you to become a member of their loyalty program, SCENE. Start earning points, FREE movies, meals, and gear with SCENE. It’s free to join.

Join SCENE here!

Stay tuned to University District’s social channels for details on the opening excitement! 



Always Know What’s On


To stay in the know about what movies are currently running and coming up at Cineplex VIP Cinemas University District, visit Cineplex.com | Movies, Showtimes, Tickets, Trailers. Sign-up for the Cineplex newsletter by joining SCENE.

Follow Cineplex VIP Cinemas on social media at:

Facebook: @Cineplex

Twitter: @cineplexmovies

Instagram: @cineplexmovies

See you at the movies!


As the seasons change, we are turning our attention to planning for pet fun, wellness and safety in fall and winter.

From Howl-oween treats to agility training, paw-waxing to night-time safety measures, there is lots to ponder to prepare our pets for harsh weather, dark nights and preventing boredom from setting in.

This is especially important when long walks and hours at the dog park are so chilly it’s almost silly!

Lucky for us there is a local resource — retailer Pet Planet — with experts in all things big and small, furry and fabulous!

We spoke with owner Debbie Bauman about the wintertime what-to-dos for pets and you.


It’s a pack of fun when Halloween becomes Howl-oween this year at U/D!  How best to celebrate Halloween with our pets, Debbie?

“Who doesn’t love a Halloween treat or two?” asks Debbie. Pets enjoy getting in on the pumpkin flavours of fall too! 

“Pet Planet stocks pumpkin flavoured cookies and training treats to reward dogs for tricks…or just because! Healthy variety in snacks and meals makes sense for pets. They are how we train, bond and get all the right nutrients to stave away hunger and physical concerns.

“Use this time of year to pick up some fall-themed stuffed toys to keep your pet curious and surprised — another Halloween joy we can all share.”

Have you visited the U/D Pet Planet lately? They are celebrating their 25th anniversary in business this fall. Watch for in-store specials in November!

Firecrackers and late night doorbell ringing, Halloween can be a little extra scary. What are some tips for comforting your pet when their survival instinct kicks in and they become naturally afraid?

Debbie suggests reducing stress by staying home with your pet and encouraging them into a safe spot, like a crate or bed in case they want to hide away. Reassuring your dog or cat or bird with a calm soothing tone goes a long way to settling nerves. 

Gentle words work wonders! Try playing some music — like relaxing jazz — to divert their attention.

Tip: Tire your dog out during the daylight hours so they are sleepier come night time, then treat them with something like a frozen Kong stuffed with peanut butter and a bully stick! They’ll be too tuckered to get flustered.


Inspired by Halloween tradition or the Superdogs who made our Block Party a blast, what more can our precious pooches do in the winter?

Look around for some local classes that U/D dogs would love to take and start this fall. They can practice all winter and be ready to show their stunts come spring at the U/D dog park. Teach your dog new tricks and keep them active this winter with Pawztracks.ca here in the NW.


When the wind starts to whistle and howl, the snow flurries and the ice builds, do dogs benefit from an extra layer of protection?

“Consider a fleece coat or knitted sweater for short-coated pets,” says Debbie. “Long-hairs are usually fine au naturel!

“Great for winter, we love the idea of glow in the dark and light-up leashes and collars. Nightfall comes fast here in Calgary in fall and winter months, so safety measures are a must. We have a nice selection of glowing accessories that signal you are out and about to drivers and cyclists.  Being seen with your pet at night will bring you peace of mind and reduce risks.”

Do winter weather variables also mean paw care becomes a priority?

Yes! Debbie suggests being wary of the drying damage that salt on roads and walkways can cause for pet’s paws. There are several bootie options for wet days and full tread booties for the harshest times.  She also recommends a good layer of good quality paw wax.

“A layer of wax goes a long way to ensuring healthy, conditioned paws all winter long.”


Winter becomes a muddy, messy, soggy, sloppy time for dogs and their people. Luckily, many of the U/D residential buildings have on-site dog washing stations. How best to keep pets clean and comfy in the winter weather?

“I encourage spot cleaning our pets versus full blown cleanings any more often than once a month or once every two months,” says Debbie.

Zoning in on the paws, snout and underbelly with a cloth or towel prevents the risks that too much product or water — especially hot water — can cause. Make a game of cleaning time with a bright cloth disguised as a toy. Pop on some music and be quick and happy when cleaning your pet. They don’t just feed on dog food…they feed on your paws-itive energy too!

“Did you know that Pet Planet also has a DIY dog washing station? There is a bay with shampoos and conditioners all there for you to clean and blow your pet dry,” says Debbie.

“Consider a rinse after a muddy walk to carpet-proof paws, haunches and paunches!” suggests Debbie. “You can drop in, first come first served, for a rinse charged in 15-minute increments. We do ask people to bring their own towels.”

Stay safe, sustained and upbeat with a little winter planning for you and your pooch! See you at the dog park, on the trails, down the Pet Planet aisles, or at the washing stations this winter! Be safe, be smart and be loved by your pet this wintertime!